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Total SDI Part 4 – What’s Your Conflict Style?

In this final thinkspot exploring the insights from the TotalSDI, we’re looking at what happens when things aren’t going your way – what happens when you meet resistance. There’s a predictable pattern that you and others will follow. If you want to be a better negotiator, influencer or leader it’s vital to understand how you respond and react. These are predictable patterns of behaviour.

Self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-control are central to your success. Our Behavioural Intelligence approach in ClearWorth means consciously choosing what to say or do next, not reacting instinctively or impulsively. You are responsible for your own behaviour. Having a clear picture of your conflict style or sequence and what “presses your buttons” gives you control and helps you make informed decisions.

In this thinkspot you’ll learn:

  • How your values and feelings of conflict are connected
  • The triggers that are likely to create conflict for you in working with others
  • The stages of conflict and where your focus is
  • What you are most likely to do first to overcome conflict

With these insights, you can notice not only your own behaviour but see the signs and signals in others. You can skillfully adjust your approach to better achieve your objectives, develop better working relationships and get more of what you want.

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