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Learning and development is our passion. We've been in the business for over 30 years, working with large international companies, NGOs and non-profits. We believe our stories talk for themselves. We love a challenge, we hate mediocrity, we're well versed in received training approaches. Every day we think and talk about business, leadership, management and learning. We pride our selves in embracing new ideas and bringing new ideas and techniques to our programmes. We love the challenge of changing and developing the future way of working, learning and leading

We believe being willing to learn whatever age you are is one of the most important things for individuals and businesses to thrive and survive in today's ever-changing landscape

Over 30 Years

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Our Clients

We've worked with blue-chip companies, non-profit, in the private and public sector. Below we've gathered a selection from our client list and the programmes we've created for them and links to case studies

Shell International

Skills for Project Teams

For 30 years ClearWorth has worked alongside the technical trainers in Shell International. Together we have developed programmes that integrate vital “soft skills” with technical training to enable people to deliver on time, in budget, and to work well with people across disciplines and cultures. Read more

Team Challenge

Shell teaches many of it technical skills through first working on line to gain the necessary knowledge and then attending a workshop to work with SMEs and case studies to embed the learning. This team challenge was developed to sit at the front end of a week's training course for young professionals in the first 3 years of their career. Read more


Senior Management Development.

A global programme bringing together American, Dutch and British senior managers on a 5 month programme. Read more

Making The Most of Your Potential in Teams and Groups

Used by small senior teams for team development - insight into personal preferences, strengths and weaknesses and those of colleagues. Read more.

Influencing Skills

Using the SDI values questionnaire this was run as a blended programme with people studying the theory online, completing a questionnaire and then attending a half day workshop, in person or online. Facilitated remotely by ClearWorth. Read more


Over the years we have done many programmes for Pfizer:

Future Leader Programme - part of Pfizer's talent management

Senior Leader Development - Medal Programme. Our pioneering work with online learning began here back in 2000. Working with Hull University we provided one of the early on LMS's for this 6 month development programme. Optional accreditation to Masters level was offered Read more

Explorer Programme - Working closely with the Pfizer manufacturing leadership team we developed a programme to integrate team leaders into the management team. These team leaders were promoted from shiftwork and now expected to manage their ex-colleagues and friends. This programme, endorsed by the ILM received Highly Commended at the National Training Awards - see case study

Also workshops on influencing, negotiating and team building

EDF Energy - Leadership Programmes

Over a period of 5 years we ran a range of programmes for EDF enery

Senior Executive Coaching - Top 50 executives - read more

EDF Medal Programme - a version of our Management Development programme that included participants running community projects which were organised in associate with Three Hands See Medal Case Study

LexisNexis Reed Elsevier

Global Manager Programme - this was run several times as a 3 module management development programme over a period of 5 months. With senior managers meeting every 6 weeks for a f-2-f module in America, Netherlands or UK.

As budgets grew tight this programme was redesigned into a blended offering to include a structure 10 weeks online and a 3 day module in the USA. Link to the case study and testomonials


Clearworth has worked with Diageo for over 10 years. As part of developing Strategic Thinking skills for HR we invented a case study which has now been used on many of our programme to teach a variety of skills.

High Performing Teams based on Diageo competency framework we developed a 360 feedback questionnaire for teams and worked with team leaders preparing them for team meetings where they would explore the feedback

Diageo Project Management

Diageo has its own models and techniques which it teaches globally. We have been working with Diageo for the past 5 years on their Project Management programme. Our first job was to help take the programme from 5 workshop days to 2 weeks on line and then a 2 day workshop.

Over the past 3 years we have now taken that to a 0 days workshop. We designed and wrote the online modules and continue to be involved in marking the assignments which are based on the original case study we wrote for them. See more

Young Gloucestershire

Getting More of What You Want

Young Gloucestershire is a charity specialising in getting disadvantaged young people cope with the challenges they face. The range of what they do and when they do it is so wide getting the management team focussed and communicating well was the challenge.

This programme is a blended offering with the theory, techniques and questionnaires presented on line in 3 modules and a half day workshop at the end of each module. This allows for maximum use of time in the face-to-face. See Case Study