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Bespoke Design, Develop and Deliver

For 30 years ClearWorth has been designing, developing and delivering training and development to corporate and NGO clients.  We start with the client objectives and Bloom’s taxonomy of learning.  This helps us and the client get clarity about the end results.  Watch a 5-minute thinkspot on Blooms Taxonomy


How can you ensure your people keep learning?

The need to learn isn’t in question or changing.  However, our understanding of how people learn and the ways to learn are.  The challenge in the current business environment is to find the best way to learn what you can afford and what fits with your business circumstance.

Whether you are multinational facing limitations on travel, training budgets and pressure to get more done in less time or you are a small organisation with limited budget, pressure to keep people in the business focused on immediate problems there is a way for you to develop your people

What Learning Options do You Have?

We work with three main styles – face to face, online and blended – and we mix and match according to the learning outcomes and the business circumstances.

Five Key Principles of all offerings:

  1. When developing learning we always identify the desired outcome before we choose the approach
  2. Application – take new skills, ideas, techniques back into the workplace
  3. It makes you question – what, when, why, how you are are going to achieve the results you want
  4. It brings something new to the table, a new insight or skill
  5. We cannot make you learn but we can constantly develop materials that will motivate you to learn and develop

Blended Learning

Mix and match the approach according to the desired outcome
Senior Management Development Case study

3 Key Benefits

  • Learning can happen over a period of time allowing time to apply and learn during the programme
  • Customising is based on situation/budget/learning outcomes
  • Fantastic use of time when groups get together physically or online

3 Key Disadvantages

  • Fitting learning into a busy schedule can be challenging
  • Technical challenge of accessing the online learning
  • Less face to face time for challenge and support

ClearWorth Comment

  • Let’s declare now – blended is our favourite learning approach
  • You can learn a model at a time to suit you
  • Use every moment of face to face time to discuss, question and challenge learning and develop further

Why is Blended Learning a favourite for ClearWorth?

When working with leader or managers on development programmes we know time out of the business is hard to schedule and budget restrictions mean training gets postponed or cancelled.  We run a leadership programme for senior managers where 10 weeks are spent online, with questionnaires, online materials, webinars and we finally meet for a 3-day workshop.  By the time we meet people are buzzing, ready to ask questions and challenge others and make the most out of their time together.

When only Face to Face will do

Vital for practicing and coaching specific skills and building relationship
The Challenge Event Case study

3 Key Benefits

  • Interaction with others
  • Time away from business to reflect
  • Challenge and support in the room

3 Key Disadvantages

  • Time away from the business
  • Expensive – training, travel and accommodation
  • Application after the event

ClearWorth Comment

  • The best option for team building
  • Can be enhanced by combining with other approaches
  • Often lacks ongoing support which blended can provide

Is there a time when Face to Face is essential?

For 30 years ClearWorth has worked with Shell providing a workshop which integrates “soft skills” with technical skills.  The young professionals on this programme will learn technical skills in teams in an experiential programme – ClearWorth believe this programme has been running for 30 years because it is face to face and includes many project team skills and teamwork to deliver

Online Learning

Great for learning tools and techniques - must be in bite size pieces
0 days Project Management Case study

3 Key Benefits

  • Learn in own time, when convenient
  • Great for getting knowledge or learning a specific technique
  • Done well it can provoke thought and ideas which can then be tested

3 Key Disadvantages

  • Often seen as boring
  • Hard to stay motivated to finish over time
  • Lack of challenge to current thinking

ClearWorth Comment

  • Brilliant for a quick burst of learning on a specific topic, but not when just a PowerPoint made into a video
  • The brain likes bitesize pieces of learning
  • Intelligent learning design is absolutely necessary

Where is Online Learning’s place in Leadership and Management?

If you just want a technique you can use it’s fantastic.  We’ve been developing 5-minute Thinkspots: taking a management model or technique and explaining it in just five minutes.  These are being used by a client to communicate key changes the organisation is driving through at a management level.  Our skillshots are more in-depth, for example a 10-minute module covering interactive skills for influencing.

ClearWorth Case Studies

Team Challenge

Sharing and building the discipline of learning from each other and together to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Delivering Results in Technical Teams

How do you train technical delegates in the ‘soft skills’ they will need out in the field in a useful and meaningful way?

Senior Management Development - Reduce Cost not Impact

Bespoke10-week online classroom experience and forum spanning 5 leadership modules, followed up with a 3-day face to face workshop.  Less cost, same impact.

Management Education and Development through Action Learning

An action learning programme (ALQ) for senior managers, combining interactive management workshops with ‘virtual’ group research project and individual questions.

Making the Most of Your Potential in Teams and Groups – Using Myers Briggs

By understanding oneself and our motivations we can be more deliberate in the behaviours and approaches we choose to use. When we understand others and their motivations, we can be more deliberate in the way we work, lead or manage them.

Integrating Team Leaders with Site Leadership Team

A workshop programme designed to integrate team leaders into the management population

Increase Team Communication and Impact

A highly interactive online and workshop experience designed for an established team to consider and develop their communication styles, to enhance working relationships

Executive Coaching

A personalised and shared development opportunity for senior executives.

The Expert Project Manager

Understand how to manage projects is a key business skill, whether you are just managing your own projects or planning a career in project management you need the fundamentals