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Senior Manager Development – blended leadership development

Innovating the blended leadership development approach for senior managers across a technical publishing organisation, featuring a 10-week online classroom experience and forum spanning 5 leadership modules, followed up with a 3-day face to face workshop.

The Challenge

With budget constraints the client was struggling to find a way to provide the skills and competence their managers and team leaders needed to function in the rapidly changing organization and its markets.  Not only that, the managers and supervisors were becoming disgruntled at the lack of attention, learning and development the organization seemed to be offering them.  There was a danger of losing some of their most valuable people but there was a clear directive from Head Office to spend 50% less than previous years on learning and development.  The mixed message of “people are our greatest asset” and not doing anything to develop them was bringing the whole organisation’s motives into doubt.  The year was already half over and nothing had yet been done to address this.

The Design

We agreed with the client that their primary objective was to provide their managers and team leaders with the skills and confidence to cope with the constant change and then need to do more with less.  They recognized that their budget would only allow for about 20 people to be trained in the current financial year.  They agreed that, for the price of higher initial development costs, we could design a programme with a major online element (five modules over 10 weeks) with a short face-to-face workshop.  This would then allow them to run the programme for more people in future years – because the development had already been paid for.  We were able to design and deliver the online element within 8 weeks of the agreement.

Blended Leadership Development

We set them up with an online classroom and populated the modules with the five key topics that would be covered at the workshop.  We created 4 different types of learning materials.  Skills and techniques to be learned and practised before the workshops.  Theory presentations. Interactive assignments to embed the theory and preparation assignments which involved interacting with the other participants.

Weeks online before residential

Number of participants

Residential Days

We asked: “What were the most valuable parts of the course for you?”

Better Negotiator

“The seven habits of the Complex Influencing is really going to help me not only be a better negotiator holistically, but I think a better communicator, even in family life”


Project Leader

“When I speak to my team, I’ll be able to make sure that I’m concise and succinct when I speak with them, and that way there’s no miscommunication there”.


Contract Manager

“One of the things I really found important is to step back and ask the right questions to further help the team”


ClearWorth Case Studies

Team Challenge

Sharing and building the discipline of learning from each other and together to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Senior Management Development - Reduce Cost not Impact

Bespoke10-week online classroom experience and forum spanning 5 leadership modules, followed up with a 3-day face to face workshop.  Less cost, same impact.

Management Education and Development through Action Learning

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Making the Most of Your Potential in Teams and Groups – Using Myers Briggs

By understanding oneself and our motivations we can be more deliberate in the behaviours and approaches we choose to use. When we understand others and their motivations, we can be more deliberate in the way we work, lead or manage them.

Integrating Team Leaders with Site Leadership Team

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Increase Team Communication and Impact

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The Expert Project Manager

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