Learning is about change… and change means learning.  Keeping up with the pace of change means grabbing each and every opportunity to keep you and your brain up-to-date

We’ve been around for 30 years and as passionate advocates of growth through development, we’ve watched the explosion of technology in daily life and across organisations.

We’ve always been at the forefront of change, as learning pioneers – 10 years ago we were working on elearning products and facing the frustrations of balancing what we wanted to offer against the limitations of bandwidth, speed and capacity.

But now the technology has caught up and elearning can be complex and immediately accessible, wherever you are.

We’ve tailored our approach and products with this in mind – learning on the go, at your desk, wherever you choose, as part of a fully interactive, supportive and challenging environment.

This is the way the market is going: no more click to yawn, instead rigorous leadership development in a virtual environment, with realtime learning, coaching, updates and feedback all part of the offering.

How Can We Help You?

You're here because you are willing to learn.  We're here because we're passionate about learning.  This world is constantly evolving and changing and so is what we know about how people learn.  

Here's what we know:

  • Bite size pieces, learned and applied over a period of time work better.  
  • Challenge and support from others increases insights and learning.
  • Budgets and time may be tight but relevant quality learning is still available

6 Questions a Leader Should Ask ...

There is no learning without a question. There is no leadership without learning. Put those together and you have the ideal learning environment for today's leaders.

The six questions challenge and support you as you explore what leadership is, what it means for you and most importantly what it means for the people who make a conscious choice to buy into your vision, your ideas, your picture of the future.

Leadership is about change and you should expect this as part of your development as a leader. Invest in some time to ask questions and engage in intelligent conversations to continue your leadership journey.

Join ClearWorth for...Your Leadership Journey

12 Weeks
6 Questions
Live Coaching
Work based Assignments

What the Participants said ...

"I really had an 'a-ha' moment.
Using the Conversation Control technique
I can get better results"
Team Leader

"... To demonstrate my values, I'm going to make sure my staff can trust what I stand for"

Project manager

"It's really going to help me to not only be a better negotiator holistically, but I think a better communicator, even in family life”


The Leading Achievers' Club

Are you a lifelong learner? ClearWorth is creating the Leading Achievers' Club for people like you.

Ongoing challenge and support, knowledge and tools, never on your own. Real people, in real time, with real experience here to help.

How Does it Work?

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ClearWorth Team

A new subject every month 
Online learning community
Join colleagues on a live monthly session
Develop learning plans
Support and challenge throughout
One-to-one coaching available

Deep Dive

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Monthly Topic

Deep dive into topic of the month

Live or recorded m@sterclass

Work-based assignment (optional)

Live webinar session with your group and ClearWorth Tutor

Resource pack for monthly topic

Who Will I Work With?

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Your Personal Group

Form a group with others on the course

Work on group assignments

Give feedback to other people

Work with the ClearWorth tutors

How Long Does it Last?

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Designed for people who want challenge and support

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