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ClearWorth Designs, Develops and Delivers Bespoke Learning

ClearWorth is a highly experienced, widely qualified and CPD accredited learning company. We have been designing, developing and delivering executive-level learning for over 30 years in companies, countries and cultures all over the world.

Our clients include the market leaders in international and global businesses with names such as Pfizer, Shell, Diageo, EDF Energy and Elsevier having commissioned ClearWorth to develop bespoke offerings for their managers, teams and leaders.

The two directors and principals, Clive Hook and Chloe Cox, have worked at senior levels in over 30 countries and are thus very widely experienced in all sorts of cultures from Ohio to Oman, London to Lagos, Helsinki to Hyderabad. We have been able to adapt learning methods and styles for international companies and have a particular specialism in online learning which allows access for learners all over the world. We take great pride in our designs and were been highly commended at the National Training Awards for the Pfizer Explorer Programme.

A client recently said about a programme that has been running internationally for over 20 years:

“In a world where behavioural development is dramatically hyped and the commonplace and plagiarised is passed off as profound and unique, it is rare to find something of such quality with an organisation which will allow it to run for so long.  I remember Chloe saying that it just worked, and indeed it did.  Much development on offer nowadays is just pop music whereas this was something of a symphony; understated themes overlapping, underlying sonata-form structure, counterpoint of ideas but always in shared harmony and rhythm.

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Hands-on experience in corporations and cultures all over the world in the last 30 years gives us unique insights into what leadership is and isn’t and what leaders need to focus on to be consistently successful.  We’ve designed, developed and delivered leadership programmes Shell, EDF Energy, Pfizer, Informa, Lexisnexis.

Accredited leadership programmes



Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is confined or limited to a specific group of people. It’s the thing that makes people feel part of something. It’s the glue that binds people together. But it can also be the glue that stops people moving or changing to new habits or ways of working.

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Change and Transitions

Change is inevitable in organisational life – change by design or by accident, change from within or from external sources, fast or slow, minor or major there will be a change in the foreseeable future.  There’s nothing wrong with change given it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon.


Working in Teams

Teams need to know how to work together and have conversations which help the process of understanding and optimising the knowledge, skills and attitudes available within the group. “Six Conversations for Team Success” is a framework to help teams structure their conversations.

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