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ClearWorth Topics

Because we have Designed, Developed and Delivered bespoke training we’ve covered all of the key subjects in leadership, management and team development.  We’ve consistently worked with close associates where we think they have additional knowledge, experience and skills.  In ClearWorth we invest extensively in our own learning and development and on having shared clarity in the ClearWorth position on a subject.  Please explore some of our key topics where we share our point of view and some of our materials.

Change and Transitions

Change is inevitable in organisational life – change by design or by accident, change from within or from external sources, fast or slow, minor or major there will be a change in the foreseeable future.  There’s nothing wrong with change given it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is confined or limited to a specific group of people. It’s the thing that makes people feel part of something. It’s the glue that binds people together. But it can also be the glue that stops people moving or changing to new habits or ways of working.


Hands-on experience in corporations and cultures all over the world in the last 30 years gives us unique insights into what leadership is and isn’t and what leaders need to focus on to be consistently successful


Having impact and influence is not about being aggressive, domineering, bossy or intrusive. In fact, the very opposite. If you want people to notice you, engage with you, interact with you and remember you for all the right reasons you have to be attractive


We teach the three R’s: Results, Relationship and Rules. Negotiators are always balancing whether the Result or the Relationship is more important at each particular stage.


If your sponsors, customers, clients, shareholders, stakeholders or society itself doesn’t support what you’re doing then you’re finished – no matter how much you’ve been on team development events and learned to catch each other falling out of trees or formed squares while blindfolded.

Personal Impact

Self-awareness is undoubtedly key to being more effective in interactions with other people and underpins interpersonal skills. Emotional intelligence is seen as having more importance than cognitive skills or ability in managing and leading others.

Your Work Wide Web

Networking happens inside and outside the organisation. Establishing contacts and connections with the outside world is a healthy pursuit but the relationships inside the organisation are just as important for survival and growth.

Influential Presenting

It’s not what you want to tell them, it’s what they need to think, feel or do at the end that’s important and the same message could be dramatically different in its medium and focus for different audiences depending on their mindset, their experience with the topic and their own expectations and objectives


To make meetings matter means rethinking why the meeting is taking place and developing the skills, tools and techniques which make the processes of conversation and interaction work together to the best effect.