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ClearWorth on Teams

We pride ourselves in ClearWorth on thinking somewhat differently about teams and team development and daring to suggest that much team development is a waste of time. energy and money.  Not because it’s not fun or there aren’t things to be learned, but because it’s being applied to the wrong type of crowd.

The other fundamental difference for us about team development is that it focusses almost entirely on what’s going on inside the team.  In reality in the commercial world a team, indeed an organisation’s success is more in the hands of the outside world than the internal workings of the team.  If your sponsors, customers, clients, shareholders, stakeholders or society itself doesn’t support what you’re doing then you’re finished – no matter how much you’ve been on team development events and learned to catch each other falling out of trees or formed squares while blindfolded.


ClearWorth Whitepaper – Six Conversations for Team Success

Developing high value teams

Intelligent conversations for teams help them to focus on what really matters.

Six Areas of Focus for Team Performance

Inside and Outside the Team

We think teams have to focus on the outside world as much if not more than their internal workings.  Intelligent conversations are those that follow logic, structure and a theme which evolves and expands to help learning. The most intelligent conversations for teams should be structured around six areas of focus.

Teams need to know how to work together and have conversations which help the process of understanding and optimising the knowledge, skills and attitudes available within the group. “Six Conversations for Team Success” is a framework to help teams structure their conversations so that the most important and relevant topics are addressed. But for these conversations to fulfil their potential, teams must learn some of the skills and disciplines which make conversations intelligent and their outputs valuable.

The “Six Conversations for Team Success” topics are about both the vital external relationships and the internal processes which together help the team thrive in today’s turbulent markets and economies: –

  1. Success Criteria – The value judgments the customers and stakeholders use when investing time, energy and money in the team’s work and products.
  2. Stakeholder Management – The practices that engage the outside world in the team’s work, successes and challenges so that they feel part of the action.
  3. Delivering on Promises – The reputation and record the team has for fulfilling expectations of them, their work and their outputs
  4. Structure and Organisation – The way that the team is organised and the processes it uses to reliably and easily perform its work and deliver its products.
  5. Working for Each Other – The interdependence which ensures that team members support each other in delivering value.
  6. Continuous Learning – The need for change and updates to knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet new challenges and opportunities.

Intelligent conversations for teams are vital to survival in difficult times. The tragically fatal response to such difficult times can actually be a stronger focus on what the team is doing (just do more with less) and much less attention to how things are working and the relationships which are key to remaining viable. Recognising the importance of external, as well as internal, relationships is vital to success

The Challenge Event – where so many different people win

The ClearWorth Challenge event is a fully customizable team event.

  • 1 or 2 days
  • Up to 4 teams of 7 people
  • Based on competencies – can be customised to your organisation
  • Interactive, experiential and results-based
  • Winning team chooses the charity
  • Feedback to teams as they go through the events
  • ClearWorth team framework or your own Six Areas of Focus for Team Performance

Designed using the Kolb Learning cycle teams participate in 3 – 5 exercises.   Each exercise is interspersed with review and reflection, feedback using the agreed criteria/competency framework, and tools, techniques and theory presented in a ClearWorth f@sterclass. The final part of the cycle is planning for improvement.  ClearWorth’s selection of tried and tested exercises allows for all locations and preference for indoor or outdoor activity.  This programme has been run in company offices, 5 star hotels and scout centres.

ClearWorth use Good Gifts but you could choose your own

The winning team are invited choose from the GoodGifts catalogue to the value of the prize.  Whether it is eyesight for 5 people, training an apprentice, teaching Indian girls how to bake, providing clean water, there is something for all values

ClearWorth Case Studies

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