TotalSDI – Your Motivational Values

We’re continuing our exploration of the work of Elias Porter and his Relationship Awareness Theory which underlies the TotalSDI questionnaire and feedback.

Last time we talked about the “pure” motivational value systems of Red, green and Blue but, in reality, few people have just one value governing their thinking, feeling and behaviour. If they do, they are literally eccentric in this model. Their scores and preferences would appear on the outside edges of the triangle rather than towards the centre. Nothing wrong with being eccentric of course – but most people you’ll deal with are a blend of two or more motivational values.

So where do you see yourself in terms of the three areas of focus? Many describe themselves as a “people person” – but is that really the case? What else are they thinking about when they are thinking about people?

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • Three areas of focus which describe each of the motivational values
  • The blends of the apparently contrasting values and what they mean
  • How the blends affect your thinking and behaviour
  • Clues about others’ thinking and what might influence them

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