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TotalSDI – What’s Driving You?

We’ve all got values. They’re the things we take to be the right way to do things, they’re our principles, the way we see things. Values drive our behaviour. If we had the free choice we’d operate in a way that reflects our values all of the time. We’d be happy and feel good about ourselves. Life, of course, is not always like that…

In this first thinkspot in the series, we’re exploring a way of describing those values and how they affect how we think and feel. The interesting (and tricky) bit is when we have to work with other people who don’t share our values and thus see our thinking and behaviour as odd or even wrong (and we feel the same about them).

The ToalSDI is a fantastic instrument for clarifying your values and how they affect your interactions with others. As we build through this series you’ll get a clearer and clearer picture of what makes it easy or difficult to work with, persuade and influence others and what your tendencies are when things are going well as well as when you face resistance or conflict.

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn

  • What the three different motivational value drivers are
  • What the primary focus of each value system is
  • How these affect thinking and behaviour
  • What the underlying beliefs are that drive the behaviour

In future thinkspots, we’ll be exploring how these play out in everyday interactions and working relationships. You’ll also have the chance to get your very own TotalSDI report and think it through with someone from ClearWor

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