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Leadership and Decisions 02

Which Style Then?

How do you decide what’s the right way to engage and involve your team or colleagues in decision making? For leaders, this is a tricky situation. On the one hand, you’re the leader with the ultimate responsibility and it’s much quicker if you just do it, but on the other hand, you may not know what the right decision is and you want to involve your team in the thinking.

We continue our exploration of the continuum developed by Tannenbaum and Schmidt originally published in their 1958 article in the Harvard Business Review under the title “How to Choose a Leadership Model”.

This time we’re looking at how you decide how to decide. Based on 25 years’ experience in corporations and cultures around the world we know that many people get this wrong – and for all the right reasons. They say one thing but mean another – not with devious intent but because they’ve not thought through the implications

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • The conditions that dictate which style to use
  • The binary yes/no condition that tells you involving them in discussion is a bad idea
  • The thinking you have to do before you say anything
  • Why consulting with the team can so often go wrong and send the wrong message

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