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Leadership and Decisions 01

What’s Your Style?

You’re the leader. You’re in charge. But you also want to engage and involve the team in decisions – otherwise, you’re just the dictator. There’s lots written about engagement and there are even people with that in their job title. But what do we mean when we say we want them involved in the decision?

Nearly 60 years ago Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s article was published in the Harvard Business Review under the title“How to Choose a Leadership Model” – and it contains some fascinating and unchanging themes for today’s leaders.

Leadership is, of course, much more than decision making but doing some thinking about the style you use and how to choose the right approach when decisions have to be made can be very enlightening.

In this thinkspot you’ll learn:

  • The four major styles of decision making for leaders and managers
  • The two dimensions of the continuum that are in play in decision making in teams
  • The subtle but significant differences between styles which can dramatically affect how the leader is perceived
  • One of the biggest mistakes managers and leaders make when they say they want people’s input

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