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Behavioural Disciplines

To increase your influence in conversations, meetings, discussions and negotiations you need to manage your behaviour. This is the only thing you can manage. You can’t make the other side behave in a predictable way or do what you want but you can increase the probability and significantly improve your chances of achieving your objectives if you are disciplined in your approach.

As an introduction to the skills and techniques of Behavioural Intelligence, this thinkspot introduces some of the areas to focus on. Just about every aspect is covered in more depth in another thinkspot, but this lays out the territory and explores how the different disciplines fit together.

To be a successful negotiator or influencer is not a matter of chance or luck. It’s about practising the skills and disciplines wand working with mental models or maps to help you quickly choose what to say or do next.

In this thinkspot you’ll learn: –

  • How to operate consciously not impulsively when influencing
  • The importance of naming or labelling to increase your speed
  • The mental maps that can guide your thinking and behaviour
  • The two basic directions of behaviour and how they change the energy

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