Corporate Culture 02

The What and How of Change

Corporate culture affects the way people think, feel and behave. It’s mostly invisible, people take it for granted and no-one really talks about it – unless it’s a problem. In general, organisations only consider the culture if they want to change it somehow. So how do you change it and how do you know when it’s changed?

Building on our last thinkspot and the “onion model” we investigate the three levels of change and identify the two basic approaches to making change happen – each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Edgar Schein suggested the only real job of the leder is to change the culture. If you’re not changing it, then you’re part of it and you’re working within the constraints and givens. If “how we do things round here” isn’t the right thing – what do you do?

In this thinkspot you’ll learn: –

  • How the onion model defines the levels and impact of change
  • The two fundamental approaches to making change happen
  • The predictable effects on the organisation of each approach
  • The possible disadvantages of each approach
  • The markers or signs that say cultural change has happened

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