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Conversation Control 04

Time, Phases and Classes

Conversation Control is a vital skill or discipline within Behavioural Intelligence – making a conscious, informed decision about what to say or do next to achieve your objectives. In this final thinkspot we’re going to uncover the third dimension on the map and what it can tell us.

As a specific skill within Conversation Control we’ll also look at picturing – and explore why it’s so important. This is a natural ability we all have but making a conscious decision to really picture transforms your ability in listening, questioning and influencing.

Remember, Conversation Control is not about tricking, dominating or playing in an unfair way – the very opposite in fact: Skilfully helping the conversation to achieve its objectives in less time, with less effort and less stress.

In this thinkspot you’ll learn: –

  • The phases of a conversation and how to notice which you’re in
  • Why you need to notice time and tense in others’ contributions
  • How picturing can transform the way you listen
  • The basic disciplines of behavioural precision


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