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Conversation Control 03

Behavioural Tactics

Behavioural Intelligence is about making a conscious, informed decision about what to say or do next to achieve your objectives and get more of what you want.

In this third thinkspot in the Conversation Control series, you’ll discover specific tactics which professional influencers and negotiators use to advance the conversation. These are not tricks. These are conscious decisions to help the conversation and its participants get to their destination quicker and more efficiently.

You’ll also be building on your Behavioural Intelligence understanding as you recognise the value of using specific behaviours at specific times and how to respond and react to cues and clues that it’s not working.

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • Two specific invaluable behaviours in conversations and negotiations
  • A two-step process which moves the conversation on
  • The 3YB rule and what the words “Yes but…” tell you
  • How signposting works and why it’s important

In the last thinkspot of the series you’ll learn about the phases of the conversation, the third dimension of the conversation control map and why picturing is so important.

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