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Conversation Control 01

Understanding the Map

Conversations happen all the time and for all sorts of reasons. At work conversations are part of meetings, discussion and negotiations and they typically have a purpose – not just social chit-chat over a coffee or in a bar.

Beyond information sharing, conversations have a goal – and decisions or solutions to problems are a significant part of working in groups, teams and organisations. To move from the current situation, to bring about change, to resolve an issue, to decide what to do next are all important interactions at work.

Skilled practitioners learn to subtly but powerfully manage the conversation’s flow and direction so that objectives get achieved, results materialise, and solutions are agreed. This first thinkspot in the series of three explores the mental map that can help you get more of what you want with less time and effort. This work has been developed from an original idea by Charles Margerison and his book “If Only I Had Said…Conversational Control Skills for Managers”

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • The questions you should always be asking in important conversations
  • The two dimensions of the conversation control map
  • How to place contributions on the map to help you choose the next step
  • In the rest of the series, you’ll learn how to move around the map with skill and elegance and the behavioural tactics to achieve more with less time and effort.

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