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Complex Influencing 02

Wins, Warnings and Help

Need the board on your side for this initiative? Have to sell your idea, concept or project to senior management? Want them to buy in even though you won’t be there in the room?

We saw in the first thinkspot that when more than one person is involved in the decision the complexity increases exponentially and you need to understand the roles they are playing and the frames of mind they’re in. Without that information, you’re driving in thick fog with no lights. You might make it but the probability of failing is dramatically increased.

In the second thinkspot in this series, we’ll be exploring the warning signs that you have to be aware of and beware of. Why people say “no” even when it makes perfectly logical sense for the business – and why you need a specific type of help if you’re going to get that all-important “yes”.

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • Why just delivering a great result for the organisation is not enough
  • The illogical, irrational but absolutely essential things to consider when influencing
  • The types of warning signal that, if ignored, could kill your idea at the first fence
  • The essential fifth role in the drama who can be the difference between success and failure
  • The extra pieces to add to your strategic plan or map

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