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Three Level Questioning 02

Sharpening Your Technique

The disciplines and techniques of three-level questioning and listening need practice. It’s easy to have a conversation but it’s not so easy to carefully and precisely manage the interaction by consciously choosing your next question.

This is not an interrogation technique, this is a conversation skill so the best and most skilled practitioners move through the levels with elegance and precision. Whether your style favours the vertical or horizontal style is personal to you. But using your style with skill is a different matter…

The three specific techniques described here will move your questioning, listening, exploration, interviewing and networking skills to a whole new level.

In this thinkspot, you’ll learn:-

  • The fundamental difference between the vertical and horizontal style
  • What answers from a different level to the one you expect tells you
  • The core skill or discipline of additive picturing
  • The insights you can gain from what they say and don’t say

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