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Support and Challenge – Leadership

Two fundamental forces or foundations underpin any leadership style or approach. They are competing forces which create four distinct styles of leader behaviour and thinking. As a leader, you recognise that your job is to both help team members and let them help themselves. But which of the options tends to describe your style?

Support is about how much you lend a helping hand, back them up and are “there for them” – obviously a good thing…but how much is too much?

Challenge is about stretching them, pushing the boundaries, letting them work it out for themselves. Great for learning and development – but again, how much is too much?

In this thinkspot you’ll learn: –

  • The two fundamental opposing forces that describe leadership
  • The four styles which define a leader’s behaviour and thinking
  • The relative strengths and weaknesses of each style
  • The effects of the leadership style on corporate culture

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