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Conversational Selling 01

Not all conversations are about selling something – but a lot of selling is (or should be) about having a structured conversation. Where many get it wrong is making it a broadcast or one-way presentation not a conversation. People seem to prefer buying to being sold to – and that means they must be an active participant in the process. 

Not all selling is about an exchange of money for goods. Selling your idea, proposal or project within the organisation has the same disciplines in play. Understanding how to ask the right questions is the foundational skill and here we explore three level questioning and combine it with conversation control and behavioural precision to apply it to the selling situation.

In this thinkspot you’ll learn: –

  • How the different disciplines fit together in selling
  • The fundamental difference between Push and Pull behaviours
  • The three phases of a selling conversation
  • The four types of questions and how to phrase them in Phase One


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