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Questions for Leading Achievers

“Good leaders ask great questions that inspire others to dream more, think more, learn more, do more, and become more.” John Maxwell

ClearWorth’s flagship leadership programme is all about asking questions. The ability to ask questions makes all the difference, given the leader’s job is to take the organisation and the people to new places, through new challenges. This leadership programme is about asking questions, about yourself, the company the people who are being led.

Questions for Leading Achievers

There’s no learning without a question – if you already know the answers why would you spend time learning? We extend this philosophy into our Six Questions for Leading Achievers programme. Built around six fundamental questions, the participants work online to explore, reflect and consider the answers to the questions and the implications for their working style.
The six questions have been developed from our work with leaders and managers in all sorts of cultures all over the world as well as from our research into the needs and expectations of organisation for their current and future leaders.
The online learning is enriched with either a series of online f@sterclasses or a two-day workshop where topics are explored in more depth and techniques practised live with feedback from the peer group and faculty.

The Six Questions:

  1. Who Do You Think You are?
  2. What Do you Stand For?
  3. Why Should They Follow You?
  4. What Will Be Different?
  5. Who's On Your Side?
  6. Who Listens When You Speak?

Each question is explored using a range of questionnaires, interactive presentations and assignments over a period of 2 weeks. All online materials are presented in the ClearWorth Classroom. Interactive webinar sessions or face-to-face meetings are directly connected to each of the questions. Each participant will be required to develop Action Learning Questions - work related questions that they want to explore.

Who's the leadership programme for?

Company leaders ... Aspiring Leaders... Managers and leaders of teams and departments

Anyone who is really interested in exploring their leadership style and is willing to be challenged and supported on their journey

At the end of this learning, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate their personal style of leadership and the implications for this in their role
  • Initiate change and manage the processes of transition as the organisation and its people move to the new beginnings
  • Increase their presence, impact and influence using a range of tools and more precise use of behaviours
  • Build teams and working groups and adapt their leadership style to the needs and expectations of their people
  • Establish and develop a professional network to challenge and support them in their personal and professional development

What the Participants Say

"Hello Clive,

I must say, I miss being with everyone and your team this week. Over my 30+ year career I’ve attended other leadership and management type training, b

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