Blended or Flipped Programmes

A ClearWorth favourite. Combine the best of everything. All our blended programmes offer online learning in the ClearWorth Classroom and face-to-face in the classroom or on line. Online in groups of 6 - 8 people we can run a fully interactive, participative 90 minute session. Equally feedback, coaching and support can all be offered online with webinar technology or on the phone.

With online learning, in our dedicated classroom, you’re working at your own pace in the privacy of your own space: you can explore and think through how you approach the role and what it is you need to do to have people follow you on your journey.

The learning is interactive, challenging and thought-provoking. This is not a series of PowerPoint pages and mindless clicking of the “Next” button. You’ll do some real thinking, reflection and reviewing of your assumptions, values and actions.

Customise these as inhouse workshops

All of these were originally designed as face to face workshops. They can all be run as face to face or created into a blended offering. Contact Clearworth to discuss options