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Blended With ClearWorth

Blended or Flipped? What's the difference. Search the web and you'll find different definitions, people who prefer one rather than the other. ClearWorth's definition of these is:

  • Blended means a programme that combines different types or approaches to learning in a programme.
  • Flipped learning when there is definitely going to be a meeting and the participants are required to learn, study prepare before they come along to the meeting. See a wiki definition

We ran a programme for LexisNexis which would therefore be a Flipped Learning approach, 10 weeks online and a 3 day module. See case study

A ClearWorth favourite. Combine the best of everything and are offered in the ClearWorth Classroom. Different programmes have different elements and each element brings something to the table.

At an individual level our programmes usually offer one-to-one coaching or feedback on an assignment. In a cohort they would include an interactive webinar or a face to face workshop. To see how to customise a ClearWorth programme, click here

Clear learning objectives and workplace assignments

24/7 Debate, discussion and feedback from colleagues

Learn anywhere, at anytime, on any device

Go deep into a subject with guided help

Learn the skills in bitesize learning moments

Practise the skills in the workplace, review the learning

Learning spread over time to allow application

Regular contact with tutors

Blended Learning Products

What might you find in a ClearWorth Product

  • Online topics and techniques - learn in your time at your own pace, depending on the programme and the subject. These could be thinkspots, skillshots, or f@sterclasses.
  • Questionnaires - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), Disc, ClearWorth Personal Impact and Influence (PIIQ) Questionnaire
  • Subject matter videos
  • Webinars and/or face to face

See Our Case Studies

Some ClearWorth Blended programmes are only available as bespoke programmes for businesses. Please contact us with your interest

All ClearWorth programmes can be customised or white-labelled see how we do that click here

Medal – Pfizer Senior Manager Development
Early adoption of blended and elearning into a senior management development programme, with accreditation. The Medal Programme The Challenge: A Senior Management Development Programme, using an action learning approach with inbuilt motivation to carry on learning and applying the learning at work. The topics to be covered were similar to those on many other senior […]
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Making the Most of Your Potential in Teams and Groups – Using Myers Briggs
By understanding oneself and our motivations we can be more deliberate in the behaviours and approaches we choose. Sharing a language to discuss this is extremely helpful, especially for people who are not professional managers but promoted into those roles. When we understand others and their motivations, we can be more deliberate in the way we […]
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Medal – EDF
A senior management development programme incorporating action learning and mentoring programmes to challenge and develop leadership qualities. The Challenge The client needed to develop senior managers across the organisation into a leadership role. The programme was to cover the usual elements of a senior managment programme using an action learning approach and also a challenge […]
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Getting More of What You Want
A highly interactive online and workshop experience designed for an established team to consider and develop their communication styles, to enhance working relationships. The Challenge: The client wanted a highly interactive workshop which encouraged people to think about their working relationships and had them consider how to develop more confidence and competence in influencing. With […]
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Senior Manager Development – blended leadership development
Innovating the blended leadership development approach for senior managers across a technical publishing organisation, featuring a 10-week online classroom experience and forum spanning 5 leadership modules, followed up with a 3-day face to face workshop. The Challenge With budget constraints the client was struggling to find a way to provide the skills and competence their managers and team […]
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Management Education and Development through Action Learning (MEDAL)
An action learning programme (ALQ) for senior managers, combining interactive management workshops with ‘virtual’ group research project and individual questions. The Challenge: The client was looking to develop 18 participants into a leadership role; all were currently in middle-manager roles in a publishing and information services company with 3-5 years’ experience but little direct management […]
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