High Performance Leadership

Clearworth high performance leadershipProgramme Objectives

  • To equip senior managers with the tools for conversations which reinforce their leadership role and bring about sustainable change in the organisation
  • To build confidence and competence in the conducting conversations which encourage, build and sustain high performance
  • To specifically practise tools and techniques to bring about influence and change
  • To help the discovery and learning of disciplines and rigours for professional leaders charged with proactively making change happen

Background and Context

The programme is designed for senior managers and leaders. The design centres on conversation as the core approach developing high performance in the leader’s area of influence.

The conversations and dialogues required to build and maintain high performance are supported with a range of tools and mental maps which provide structure and discipline to the skills developed during the programme.

Participants work with real-life situations and issues from their work on the programme.  The pre-work requires them to develop an action learning question (ALQ) and a Performance Conversation/Dilemma to discuss and work on within the programme.

The intention is to both challenge and support participants in developing their skills and to address some of the issues and mindsets that may be limiting their ability to deliver the performance they want.

The programme continues after the initial workshop with two action learning set meetings (which can be face-to-face or “virtual” depending on the geographical spread) where set members report on progress and developments and receive further challenging and support to further develop insight and help them take action.

Main Themes or Streams

The Leadership Brain – Making the most of your own and others’ brain power to get things done, think clearly, produce better results, get your message across, develop insights and build engagement.

Conversational Tools and Mental Maps – A range of tools, techniques and maps to help prepare and structure conversations for high performance and more effective outcomes in shorter amounts of time with greater clarity and focus for all parties.

Action Learning – Taking the tools, skills and techniques back into the real life work challenges through addressing a key ALQ of organisational and personal importance.  Working in learning sets to both address the issue and develop the conversation skills with colleagues and peers with coaching and facilitation from a member of the faculty.

Tools, Techniques and Mental Maps

The following are to be included in the workshop, either within presentations, toolbox sessions, set meetings or as Model of the Day”, intended as a thought starter and context setting for the day’s workshop.

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