ClearWorth Testimonials

To understand more about ClearWorth’s work, and how our training and development really works we have collected together case studies and feedback from our core programmes:

 The MEDAL programme

The following extracts are from a feedback and evaluation exercise run by a client organisation at the end of the programme.  The 18 participants were in middle-manager roles in a publishing and information services company with 3-5 years’ experience but little direct management training.

The participants: How would you sum up the programme to (your) senior managers? ‘You should go on the course yourselves!”Highlighted the need for training in management roles.  It is essential to equip managers with the tools, skills and knowledge to do job properly.’
How would I sum up the programme to future participants?  ‘Describes skill-set almost universally applicable to any job.  Useful for managing external contacts as well as own team.”Topics covered give formal training to management managing the day-to-day.”Great for gaining knowledge and giving a framework to apply it in a more effective way.”Made me realise how capable I am, and how much more I am capable of doing in the future.’
The Senior Managers: What is your overall impression of the programme from speaking with your participant, or others who attended? ‘Absolutely brilliant for this level of manager – meeting others, opportunity to stand back and think.”Intellectually stretching.  Good to be off site and only for a couple of days at a time.”Good balance of theory and practical.  Pitched at right level.  Brought together a lot of things they knew already but in to a good package.  Meeting people and travel beneficial in itself.”More practical, time-wise, than the business school programmes.’
Any particular section that the participant has already put into practice that you are aware of? ‘Change management – introducing it to his team.  (Linked also to ALQ)  Recent announcement about future changes well accepted by team.”Dealing with under-performance.  Provided a chance to think of own solutions and develop this area.”Approaching people, learnt has reflective style, needs time to think – now communicates this to people.”Interacting with other people from other areas of the business…good to take time away to learn more about the wider business.’
Has this led to changes in the participants’ management style or behaviour? ‘Looking to other people for ideas; developing the team; interaction between departments; customer-focussed.”Being more pro-active in becoming visible globally.  Possibly not just as a result from programme but from earlier discussions also.”More active role amongst peer group…Better appreciation of what goes on around the business.”Has become more of a mentor-manager rather than a directive one.  More confident.’  ‘More confident.  Very capable and a natural aptitude – now has greater confidence in own abilities.’

 The Explorer Programme

The participants: Delegates: what have you gained from the Explorer programme? ‘I now have an understanding of the [company] Leadership Behaviours and recognise how they could help me on my journey.’
‘How the different levels of leadership are linked and why it is important for people at different levels of management to focus on different leadership values.’
‘How to develop and motivate my team more confidently.’
‘…I also learned best practice for meetings held within my dept. and also for meetings I attend.’
‘During team briefings and meetings I am trying to translate the management message into relevant objectives for my team.’
‘A better understanding of the companies’ missions has made this possible thus ensuring my efforts are concentrated on the delivery of local objectives.’
‘Communication is the backbone of success’
‘Listening to all points of view taking time to make fair judgements as to what is the correct way to approach situations which arise before making any decisions.’
‘My teams are now thinking for themselves more; I am trying to coach rather than do the work for them.’
‘During the writing of the assignment I was able to recall the notes / experiences from those two days and use this, along with my fellow team members, to answer the questions. Additionally taking what we had learned and applying it to the areas we worked in.’
‘I was not particularly looking forward to it, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about business.’
‘I was surprised to realise that other team members can have a real influence on the team despite not being the team leader and these people should be given the opportunity to influence others if they have positive qualities’
Managers’ feedback: what changes have you noticed in your delegate and others since the Explorer programme? ‘Tangible skills – Ability to write, display, present and discuss information in a concise manner and remain on the point.’
‘Behavioural – [participant] able to challenge and rationalise situations and have more than one perspective plus maintain an element of detachment from issues.’
‘I’ve seen 1st line managers grow in confidence, feel able to discuss issues more openly with their managers or senior managers, and do so with a wider understanding of the business background.’
‘The benefits to the organisation include a first in line supervisor group who have increased confidence, clarity and a “can-do” attitude to manage our ever changing business needs.’
‘The benefits of the programme are far in excess of initial expectations, particularly for the delegates, but from a manager’s perspective the programme has realised benefits that I never anticipated at the outset of the journey. Explorers get to know themselves and what as individuals and team members they are capable of, in turn for a manager you become more aware of your delegate’s ability and the value they bring to the business.’
Managers were asked to give one key business benefit from the Explorer Programme: ‘More motivated Team Leaders.’
‘First line management have an appreciation of strategic issues and are better equipped to translate strategic change to the shop floor. The delegates now have an appropriate set of models to structure their thinking and manage their teams more effectively.’
‘The programme establishes the next rung on the ladder for the delegates by taking them from a local business focus to a bigger picture view of leadership, management and the business.’
‘This training course links programme modules to the delegate’s actual job and therefore has definite spin-offs. It is not just a series of tutorials where the delegate learns concepts and is then left to consider (if/when time allows!) how these relate to their job.’
‘A better motivated, more aware delegate.’

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