ClearWorth is a bespoke learning and development company.  We build learning solutions for corporate clients to meet the development needs of an identified target audience.  We do not run public courses or workshops, we only produce in-house solutions for large, international clients.

Our 25 years’ experience in countries, cultures and corporations all over the world means we are ready to address the challenges of time zones, travel budgets and organisational change wherever and whenever there is a need for learning.


  F@sterclass webinars

Like a masterclass, only faster. Our f@sterclasses are used in three different ways.  On a face to face workshop they are 30 minutes on a specific topic.  Our blended offering can include a 30 minute webinar and our mobile learning programmes include a 10 minute version – visit the f@sterclasses page to view current available f@sterclasses.

Behavioural Intelligence and Conversation ControlAn in-depth look at the Conversation Control map and the behaviours associated with moving the conversation in subtle but powerful ways. Watch sample 10-minute f@sterclasses.

Who’s on Your Side? – Strategic Influencing at WorkBuilding a plan for influence when more than one person has to say “Yes” and you have no direct authority.  The complex sale disciplines applied to influencing at work. 10-minute f@sterclass version available: click here

  Download the Latest ClearWorth White Papers

Five Fundamental Questions for Leaders

Our white paper examines what modern leadership requires, what team members and organisations expect of the role and how the right questions, mindful consideration of the answers, and actions to back the words can sustain and develop leaders in fast moving, rapidly changing corporate environments   Get instant access here

Six Vital Questions for Team Success

Intelligent conversations increase learning for teams and individuals.  What should you and your team be asking to ensure you maintain high performance and continue to be perceived as high value and a worthwhile investment by your sponsors, customers and stakeholders?    Get instant access here