We build bespoke learning solutions for corporate clients, providing senior executive development via mobile, blended and face to face programmes. Our courses span topics including change management, influencing, strategic thinking and project management for leaders and teams, depending on each target audience. We do not run public courses or workshops, we only produce in-house solutions for large, international clients.

Our 25 years’ experience in countries, cultures and corporations all over the world means we are ready to address the challenges of time zones, travel budgets and organisational change wherever and whenever there is a need for learning.


Like a masterclass, only faster. Our f@sterclasses are used in three different ways. On a face to face workshop they are 30 minutes on a specific topic. Our blended offering can include a 30-minute webinar and our mobile learning programmes include a 10-minute version.

Visit our f@sterclasses page to view a sample module, Behavioural Intelligence and Conversation Control, an in-depth look at the Conversation Control map and the behaviours associated with moving the conversation in subtle but powerful ways.

  Mobile Learning

At ClearWorth, we believe in learning how you want, when you want. Our mobile learning offering includes webinars, our bespoke f@sterclass modules, targeted quizzes and psychometric questionnaires (to mention a few options) as part of your personal learning journey. Try our mobile demos and see how online learning can work for you, wherever you are.